The BOSS MCBK425BA is one of the lineups of audio systems released by BOSS. It is a motorcycle/ATC sound system with Bluetooth audio streaming, one pair of 3 inches weatherproof speakers, AUX input, and column control.

In this post, we will review this motorcycle speaker system that is quite (or one of) popular to most users from Amazon so far. In this review, we will first look at its specifications which are the official release of the manufacturer. Next, we will give my honest opinion. Then we will provide some additional information to answer some questions you have or to cover the broader topic regarding this speaker system.


The BOSS MCBK425BA has a pair of black 3″ full-range speakers with a built-in Bluetooth wireless streaming receiver. You will not even need a head unit. Bluetooth audio streaming will allow you to stream your favorite music on audio streaming platforms or services such as Spotify or Pandora wirelessly. Its Bluetooth pairing code is 0000.

It also has one pair of RCA inputs, 3.5 mm AUX inputs compatible with the audio output of smartphones and MP3 players. It includes a built-in amplifier with wired remote control with frequency response is 80Hz to 15 Hz, SN> 85 dB, THD is <0.01% with a channel separation of> 50 dB. Its operational power is 12 VDC or 10 to 16V allowable.

This audio system is weatherproof and great for 12 V motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. It has a length of 3.5 “, a width of 3” and a height of 1.5 “.

Let us clarify the key features mentioned above and some common to the audio systems available today in the market.

IPX Rating: It is a standard that indicates the level of protection of a product against water. Its range is from unprotected or IPX0 to IPX8 or complete immersion in water and close-range, continuous high pressure and high-temperature spray downs or IPX9K.

Class A/B Amplifiers: This class of amplifiers has long been known for its ability to produce good quality sound while performing more efficiently compared to Class A amplifiers.

AUX Input: This will allow you to connect to the audio output of external devices such as smartphones and MP3 players for a more extended music experience.

Audio Streaming: This, in turn, is an audio protocol of Bluetooth technology. This profile will allow audio to be streamed wirelessly from your compatible device, such as smartphones to the source unit so you can enjoy your favorite music.

Wireless Remote Control: This control will give you access to the key functions of the unit.

Remote Volume Control: This will allow you to adjust the system volume while on the ride.


Now let’s compare MCBK425BA to MCBK420B and MC420B.

MCBK425BA and MCBK420B are both pairs of black 3 “full-range speakers that feature a built-in Bluetooth wireless streaming receiver and no head unit needed. MC420B is a pair of chrome 3” full-range speakers.

MCBK420B and MC420B are both 600 watt max amplifiers (dimensions 3.1 “x 3.1” x 1.5 “) with wired remote volume control while MCBK425BA is built-in amplifier with wired remote volume control.

MCBK425BA, MCBK420B, and MC420B have Bluetooth audio streaming – stream your favorite music or music service like Spotify or Pandora wirelessly.

MCBK420B and MC420B both have 3.5 mm AUX input compatible with audio output for smartphones and MP3 players. MCBK425BA is one pair RCA inputs, 3.5 mm AUX input compatible with audio output of smartphones and MP3 players.

MCBK425BA, MCBK420B and MC420B have frequency response of 80Hz to 15KHz, SN> 85dB, THD: <0.01%. With channel separation of> 50 dB.

MCBK425BA, MCBK420B and MC420B include mounting brackets adjustable to fit 0.75 “to 1.25” handlebars.

MCBK425BA, MCBK420B and MC420B are all great for 12V motorcycles, scooters and ATVs!

MCBK425BA, MCBK420B and MC420B have operational power 12VDC [10 to 16V allowable].

When it comes to measurements, all three are also the same. 3″ width, 1.5″ height, and 3.5 lengths.


This speaker system has quality sound for its price. There is nothing special about its bass but that is expected for this audio system. This means its high sounds are more audible. Its volume is not that strong but it is enough if you are at a speed of 50 mph. However, with other models of motorcycles, you can hear it even at 75 mph speed. However overall its sound is quality again for the price.

It is easy to install on the Polaris 850 HL and most motorcycle models. For a custom fit, it has a lot of wiring so you can do a lot with it. Regarding the wires, for 2012 Softail Heritage, the wires do not extend from the handlebars to the battery under the seat. They also have no connectors for the battery. You will also need to purchase a toggle switch with a bracket to mount it.

When it comes to battery consumption, it drains the battery even when not in use. It is not ideal but most speaker systems available work this way.

Another concern about this unit is that the volume control or the jack was integrated into the speaker, not on the cord.

Additional Information

  • Sounds good up to about 75 MPH depending on music and helmet.
  • Mounts to the handlebar, 1 ”wide. If you have space on the handlebar, it will fit. If not, you may need to look into other means to mount it. You can use double-sided tape or anything of the sort. It hooks up to a 12v battery source.
  • This unit will work on any handlebars that are .75″ to 1.25″ thick.
  • They come with the brackets needed to mount the unit.
  • Weatherproof Speakers with Built-in Amplifier.
  • This unit will fit anything with handlebars and a 12-volt battery
  • and very easy to install.
  • When you leave it overnight multiple times, it will greatly eat up the battery. Double-check the instructions but it may go into sleep mode after a while.

Our take on BOSS MCBK425BA

So that’s our review about BOSS MCBK425BA. Our take on this speaker system is that for bigger and louder motorcycles this unit is not enough. While for the rest of the models, you can hear the MCBK425BA around 50 to 60 mph. Do not expect much about its loudness because it is not that loud considering its size and build. However, this cheaper speaker system has a quality that is suitable and ideal for its price.

Again the sound is good however, don’t expect much bass because it has almost no bass mostly, mid and high sounds. The features of this speaker system are sufficient enough for your motorcycle. You will all get the necessary features you need while riding.

Comparing it to other models or units from BOSS, this is quite below in terms of loudness and features however, for us, this is still a good option especially if your priority is your budget.

This post is our honest in-depth review including the pros and cons scattered in the contents. Aside from discussing each essential feature, we intend not to be biased as much as possible to our take. If there are good things, we emphasize and vice versa. We hope that through this review, you will have enough knowledge about BOSS MCBK425BA and help you decide if it is suitable for your bike.

If you want a further guide or reference to help you choose a suitable speaker system available on the market today for your motorcycle, you can check our buying guide here. Or you can check our top picks here depending on the category you prefer.

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