Can You Add Bluetooth To Any Helmet?

The answer is yes, there is a way to add bluetooth to any helmet but the process varies depending on what type of helmet you have. For most helmets, you can buy an aftermarket bluetooth system that attaches with velcro and plugs into your phone’s auxiliary jack. This is easy enough for riders who are looking for hands-free communication or music streaming capabilities. However, if you need more power or space for larger speakers then it may be worth investing in a new helmet designed specifically for this purpose – these are typically very expensive.


The Requirements for adding Bluetooth Headset

At first glance it appears that bluetooth capabilities would only be applicable to Bluetooth capable helmets. However, there should always be an option to add bluetooth if the helmet is not already equipped with such technology. This can also apply directly to brands where this is not a standard feature but is still accessible through an aftermarket system. First you will want to check the specific model. This may vary depending on which brand or design you choose if you are looking for a full helmet with built-in speakers and microphones. If you aren’t sure about the bluetooth capabilities of your current helmet, it’s best to look this up online or ask your dealer before making a purchase.

Check for speaker compatibility.

Most helmets that have bluetooth capabilities come with built-in speakers and an FM transmitter but some also have space for larger speakers. This may not be necessary depending on your preferences. If you want to install larger, more efficient speakers check if their size is compatible with the design of your helmet. Some speakers can be inserted easily with velcro or some other adhesive while some may need to be secured with screws. In any case, buy speakers that are compatible with your helmet or check if the microphone design is compatible.

Check for microphone compatibility.

Most microphones fit on some sort of adhesive pad but always check first before making a purchase. Some mics can fit on a certain type of helmet depending on the design so check first.

Make sure your bluetooth device is compatible with your helmet.

If you already have a certain brand of helmet and it’s not Bluetooth capable but you would like to add this feature, check if it can be enabled on your model or not. If the answer is no then this article does not apply to your specific case unless you get a bluetooth helmet accessory kit. Most helmets can be Bluetooth enabled with the right accessories but there are some models that cannot. Always check online or ask your dealer before making a purchase if you want to make sure your helmet can be upgraded to full bluetooth capabilities in case it currently doesn’t have them built-in.

Buy a bluetooth helmet accessory kit.

This will be what you need to set up your helmet with bluetooth functionality. Most of these kits come with FM transmitters to make wireless capabilities possible. If there’s no space or specific location for speakers this is usually what you will need to complete the bluetooth system. If you’re getting this accessory kit make sure it has everything you need for installation and that anything you do need is compatible with your specific model of bluetooth enabled helmet.

Make sure all gear is compatible.

Before buying any helmet make sure it is compatible with the speakers and microphones of your choice. This can be done by checking online or asking your dealer before making a purchase. Remember that most helmets do come equipped with speakers and microphone but some brands and models may not be compatible with certain bluetooth devices, accessories, or equipment. Always check compatibility before making a purchase.


Is there a difference between the helmets that already have Bluetooth and those without?

There is no difference between the helmets that already have bluetooth and those without because all you need to add bluetooth to your helmet is a compatible phone, it’s not too difficult, but there are some differences depending on which brand or design you choose if you are looking for a full helmet with built-in speakers and microphones.


Other ways you can use your motorcycle’s bluetooth capability for safety purposes

There are other ways you can use your motorcycle’s bluetooth capability for safety purposes aside from hands-free communication or streaming music. These are:

-You can call 911 in the event of an emergency and talk to other riders or drivers through wireless communication, and even listen to voice commands that will allow you to navigate with GPS. These two features are especially useful in location tracking or if you’re looking to go off-roading in the woods.

-If you’re trying to receive calls but would rather not fumble through your pockets just simply press a button and talk. This can be extremely useful in situations where there isn’t a safe place to stop or in case of an emergency when every second counts.

-You can also wirelessly connect other devices such as GPS systems, smartwatches, and more to your helmet – you won’t want to be fiddling through your pockets for a map or trying to reach a watch on your wrist while driving.

-In any case, having bluetooth capabilities in your helmet can be a great safety feature as well as a way to entertain yourself on the road. It’s also extremely helpful in case of emergencies or if you lose your way.

There are many ways to use bluetooth helmets for safety purposes, but remember that they are not always foolproof. Always check your model before making a purchase if you have any doubts or concerns.


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