How Much Does A Bluetooth Helmet Cost?

In general, a Bluetooth helmet will cost you somewhere from $100 – $1000 up but they usually run from about $150 to about $300. Some helmets cost more, and some can be purchased for under $100 but higher quality helmets are usually in the middle of the range ($150-300) and offer good protection and superior sound.

The better the Bluetooth system, the more expensive it will be. If you have to pay $100 for a Bluetooth helmet, don’t expect too much sound quality or safety features. 


Why are they so expensive?

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet will typically cost between $500 and $1,000 depending on the model you choose. They are more expensive than standard helmets because they have additional features that make them safer for riders.

Taking calls hands-free means you can concentrate fully on riding safely at all times. At the same time, you won’t need to wear headphones or earbuds. They are incorporated into the helmet so you can use Bluetooth technology to talk on your phone hands-free.

The best motorcycle helmets also offer weather protection for colder weather and noise isolation which drowns out external sounds that may cause distractions when riding down the road.

However, cheaper ones are almost always completely useless because the microphone is terrible. The sound quality will be horrible and you won’t get much use out of it if at all.

If you want a high-quality Bluetooth helmet, then expect to pay more money for a good model. Beware of cheap helmets as they are either completely useless or have poor sound quality.


Why should you buy one?

There are many reasons why you should invest in a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

– You can take calls or listen to music without using your hands which means your focus is on the road at all times and you won’t need to worry about fumbling through your pockets for your phone, removing it from a holder or placing earbuds in your ears

– Using your phone with a Bluetooth helmet is legal in some areas but not all so be sure you use it properly to avoid getting fined

– Your hands will remain free at all times, even when taking calls or answering texts, making riding much safer

– You won’t have to worry about earbuds falling out of your ears or getting tangled in your long hair

– The sound quality will be excellent and you won’t struggle to hear what the person is saying on the other end of the line 

– You can buy a helmet for yourself or as a gift for someone else so they can ride safely too


The best way to purchase Bluetooth helmets online

-Check out reviews from other riders and compare prices.

-The helmet must be DOT approved in order for you to ride safely on the streets 

-The Bluetooth system should offer noise isolation and a microphone that can be used hands-free or by wire when needed

-Be sure it offers a well-built remote control which is easy to operate in the dark and in all weather conditions

-Look for one which is lightweight so it doesn’t cause neck strain when you wear it for extended periods of time 

-Aerodynamic features help to reduce wind noise while driving down the road

-The visor should be easy to lift or replace, especially if you get caught out in the rain

-Look for one which offers a long battery life so you can receive and make calls without having to recharge it constantly 

-The helmet should be comfortable and easy to wear while riding for extended periods of time

-Be sure there is plenty of padding in all the right places otherwise, your head will ache while wearing it

-The helmet should be easy to disassemble and clean as needed


How can you find out more about these helmets and their prices?

The best thing to do is research online and find out which helmets have been reviewed positively. You can also ask friends or family members for recommendations.

It’s important that you know what features are included in the helmet before purchasing it. For instance, some Bluetooth motorcycle helmets only allow the microphone to be used wirelessly while others allow both options.

New Bluetooth technology is being developed all the time so be sure to read reviews and compare prices between helmets before purchasing one.



Bluetooth helmets are great because they provide any rider the opportunity to listen to music or radio while keeping their focus on the road. If you spend a few hundred dollars on one of these units, then expect exceptional sound quality as well as advanced safety features. For example, some Bluetooth helmets offer airbag systems that will deploy if it detects a crash or fall. In addition to listening to music and hands free calls, you can also have an intercom built in for communicating with other riders who have the same helmet. While a Bluetooth helmet is an excellent investment, it is important to buy one with the features you want and need. This way, you will be happy with your purchase for many years to come.


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