How To Install A Bluetooth Headset On A Motorcycle Helmet?

A motorcycle helmet is more than just an eye catcher. It’s one of your best friends when you are on two wheels. They protect you, but also amplify the sound so that you can hear all the important noises while riding a bike.  It would be possible to do this only if your motorcycle helmet had a Bluetooth headset installed in it already, but that could set you back between $200 to $300 but what if you could install one yourself?

By installing a Bluetooth headset in your helmet, then all you need is the Bluetooth helmet kit. You’ll also need a soldering iron and wire cutters/strippers. This helmet kit allows riders to wirelessly communicate with their phone while they are on their motorcycle. The system also comes with an intercom feature which can allow multiple riders to talk to each other. This may be useful when taking long trips with friends.

The steps in this article are straightforward and easy to follow.


What are the steps for installing a Bluetooth headset on a Motorcycle Helmet?

  1. First, take apart your bluetooth kit and make sure you have all of these components:

         -Bluetooth headset

         -USB Charging Cable

         -Wired Intercom Kit (if installing an intercom)

  1. Next, you will need to drill out holes for where you will be placing components in your helmet. This may include speakers, connecting wires, Bluetooth headset etc… Make sure that you use the right size bit for your helmet’s material. If you are drilling into metal or fiberglass then a sturdy bit with diamond or tungsten tips will work best. For plastic, any common bit should do.
  2. Once you have the holes drilled, place speakers where desired and screw them into place using self-tapping screws.
  3. Strip out insulation from your wires to expose the copper inside of each wire
  4. Solder exposed copper wires to the contacts of your speakers, Bluetooth headset and intercom. These items will come with specific instructions for wiring them up. Make sure the colors match on all three components.
  5. Once you have wired everything up, tuck speaker wires into drilled holes in the helmet to keep them out of the way.
  6. If you are installing an intercom, then you will need to solder two sets of wires (one for each helmet) together to create a long wire that should run down along your neck. Choose one wire to be positive and the other wire to be negative and attach a female connector at either end. This will allow you to connect them together when the helmets are on.
  7. Now, most Bluetooth headsets can be charged with a USB cable so you should assemble this step yourself based off of the headset’s manual.
  8. Make sure that your motorcycle helmet is selected as AUDIO headset in Bluetooth options
  9. Test to make sure that everything works and once you are comfortable with the installation, then seal up your holes with silicone or acrylic paint.


IMPORTANT NOTE: There are some helmets that have USB jacks that provide power for accessories. You may need to use this in order to install the bluetooth kit successfully. If you are having difficulty, then plugging the helmet into a USB port of your car may solve the problem.


How do I connect a bluetooth headset on my motorcycle helmet in iOS?

Once you have successfully installed the bluetooth headset in your helmet, pairing it with your iOS headset is simple.

  1. First, go to settings and select Bluetooth
  2. Make sure that Bluetooth is on and then press SCAN FOR HEADSETS
  3. If everything was wired up correctly, there should be a new headset that shows up on this list with the name “Headset-xxxxx”. Select this to pair.
  4. After pairing, you can now start using your bluetooth headset for calls or music. To adjust volume levels or select tracks, go into your phone’s main settings menu and select the option for Bluetooth Headset Volume. There will be a slider to adjust the levels.


How do I connect a bluetooth headset on my motorcycle helmet in Android?

The steps are almost exactly the same as iOS, however you may need to select which headset you want to pair with each time before making calls or playing music. To do this:

  1. First, make sure that the bluetooth kit is in pairing mode
  2. Go to your phone’s settings and tap Bluetooth. It should say “Pyle PSBN4U” under Available headsets
  3. Tap the “three dots” in the upper right corner and tap Connect. This will put your bluetooth kit into pairing mode so it can connect to your phone
  4. Once connected, select the Pyle PSBN4U from available headsets and make sure that “Audio headset” is set to On (this will allow you to use the bluetooth kit for calls)
  5. Set your bluetooth headset as Audio headset in it’s settings or you can say “connect my headset” into Google Now
  6. When prompted, turn the bluetooth kit on and set your new headset as audio headset under Settings -> Bluetooth -> Audio Device (make sure this is “On”)
  7. Now when you are riding your motorcycle, you can choose to answer phone calls by pressing the “phone” button on the Bluetooth headset, or you can use Google Now to answer calls by saying “answer”


How do I connect my bluetooth headset to multiple motorcycles?

Unfortunately, this headset only supports one Bluetooth connection at a time. If you had more than one motorcycle, then it would be possible to wire each helmet up with separate bluetooth connections. This would allow for easy switching of headsets using the “phone” button on the Bluetooth headset.



By following the steps above, you should now be able to install a bluetooth headset in your motorcycle helmet and play music or make calls while riding. I hope that this helps anyone who is planning on installing a Bluetooth headset in their helmets. Let me know if you have any additional questions about the process.


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