How to Install Speakers and Stereo System to a Motorcycle?

Being a biker is more than just riding a bike; you can feel it in your heart and soul. And that is true. When you hold the throttle, you will feel all the coolness and freedom of riding a bike. That’s the way it is. Now, why not add more boost to your riding by adding music. Play your playlist while you are on the road, and indeed, you will have a more satisfying experience while feeling the revolution of that engine. So the next thing that will come to your mind is how to add speakers then set up a stereo system to a motorcycle?

Nowadays, it is common to connect the motorcycle speakers wirelessly to your mobile phones, iPods, or portable MP3 players, but not all prefer those devices as sources; some go for a stereo system. Here in this post, we will look at the steps on how to install a stereo system, not just simply adding speakers to your motorcycles. So you can play your favorite music not just using most portable devices available but also using a stereo system that will provide more refined audio with those hot bass, treble, and fade effects. So if you are excited to know them, read on.

To add speakers and set up the stereo system to your motorcycle first, you need to select the stereo system compatible with it. Next, mount the speakers to your bike. Install standard audio power wiring from the battery located under the seat. Attach the speakers to the most desired location, ideally on the handlebar or in front, for more audible and clear sounds while riding. Then, connect the wires running from the stereo to the speakers. And finally, test the stereo system and make some treble and bass adjustments.

Stereo System Compatibility

Alright, let’s say you already have the speakers you’ll attach to your bike. The first step in setting up stereo systems with your first choice speakers, choose the stereo system that is compatible with your motorcycle. Some might say that all stereo systems are compatible with all bikes. Well, that isn’t true. Fact is, not all stereo systems available in the market are compatible with your precious motorcycle. But when we say compatible, it doesn’t just mean attachable to the motorcycle because all speakers or stereo devices can be attached to the bike as long as the bike has space for them. Compatibility means whether we need a bolt on the stereo, bag strap, or whether we do or we do not prefer to attach a headset or headphones.

Mount the Stereo System

Once you already have the stereo system compatible with your bike and think suitable for your needs, the next thing to do is mount the stereo system to your motorcycle. If the system’s attachment type is a bolt-in, it should have all the required bolts and nuts. Attach the stereo system on your bike as directed from its instruction manual.

Connect Audio Power Wiring to the Stereo System

The next step is to connect the stereo system to the batter under the seat using standard audio power wiring. Run the wiring under the tank and try to conceal it. Use electrical tape to secure the wire every 4 to 5 inches away from the stereo. Bundle and tape any excess cables and tuck them under the framing. Don’t forget to solder and twist the ends of the wirings.

Mount the speaker

After you have selected a compatible stereo system on your motorcycle now, it is time to attach the speakers. All motorcycle speakers have mounting options; you need to choose the mounting options that fit your bike’s design or model. Some motorcycle speakers design to be attached to the rear and others are mountable to handlebars or highway bars. Handlebar-mounted speakers are ideal because they project the sound directly in front of the rider, making the sound clearer and more audible than in the back. Just make sure that it will not interfere with the instruments or controls when you attach the speaker to the handlebar.

Use simple angle brackets to place them on the bottom of plastic fairings or frame mounts. As usual, do your best to conceal them as much as possible and make sure they are backed securely with some surface for better sound quality. If the brackets are not attached securely and properly, the speaker’s vibrations will not work as expected.

Connect the Speaker to the Stereo

Great! You attached the stereo system and the speaker accordingly now; the next step is to connect the speaker to the stereo system. Use standard audio wiring from the stereo to the speaker. Pass it through the gas tank and into the frame. Again, conceal them the best way possible and secure them like what you did to the power wirings. Do the same to the wiring ends, solder them, then twist. (Wiring Guide)

Test the Stereo System

Here comes the last part, the testing part. Once you’ve done all the steps above, now it’s time to test that sweet music. When testing, make sure that both the left and right sides of the speaker are working properly, the wireless connections are fixed. Then, test its bass, treble, and fade adjustments. If you have a headset or helmet with built-in headsets or sounds, try to test them as well. If everything works, then you are good to go. If not, check the wiring step and go over the remaining steps starting from it.

Final Thoughts

Setting up a speaker with a stereo system is simple. The wiring steps are the most tricky part but still manageable. Don’t forget to utilize your concealing skills on those excess wirings. Don’t let others see those wirings for a more presentable and wireless setup look (If you have chrome on your bike, see Best Chrome Motorcycle Speakers). Do you want to use your phone to connect to your speakers? No problem. Or do you prefer using a stereo system to make those speakers like on steroids? You got yourself covered; you got that stereo system setup. With a stereo system installed together with high-quality motorcycle speakers, you will have more precise and smooth-sounding music coming out of your bike. Forget about those external sounds passing by; it is just you, your music, and that grooving engine sound. Do you like loud bikes? Now you can not lie about it! To know more about motorcycle speakers’ features and upgrades click here!

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How to Install Speakers and Stereo System to a Motorcycle

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