Making Motorcycle Speaker Systems Sound Better

There are many motorcycle speaker systems available on the market today. And, true, it isn’t easy to choose, especially if many of them also have the same or more advantages to each other. Sometimes you don’t even know if the unit is working for you until you try it.

One of the most common factors in choosing motorcycle speaker systems is its sound quality, especially at the max volume level. Many on the market today will fit your bike if good sound quality is your basis. However, sometimes they are not enough. Especially when our motorcycle is at a particular speed that almost interrupts the sound coming from the system. So considering that, sometimes we want more. We want to go beyond the limit without sacrificing sound quality. We want it loud and can keep up with our loud bikes.

The good news is, there are ways to improve the sound quality of your existing motorcycle speaker system. And that’s what we’re going to share with you in this post. Here, we will describe the necessary modifications, upgrades, or features to your sound unit. Of course, motorcycles are not cars, so installing or attaching a motorcycle speaker system is different.



So assuming that you already have a quality and well-installed motorcycle speaker system on your bike, for us, to make the speaker sound quality even better, everything starts from the speaker. First, you need a better speaker, obviously better than the factory speakers that were included or preinstalled on the motorcycle when you bought it. If the speaker is lousy and worse, below average, you expect the AM-like sound that your speaker will produce. You probably won’t like that sound quality. Therefore, with the installation of better speakers, the sound that such speakers can make is sharper, more precise, and pleasant to hear.

If you want a louder sound output, what we can suggest is to add more speakers. There are sets with two or more speakers-only or sometimes with an amplifier included. If you are thinking of jamming, you will definitely need more speakers. Also in choosing these speakers, make sure that it is motorcycle friendly and weatherproof. Again weatherproof, not just waterproof, because the exposure of the speakers to UV rays can degrade them.



Next is power. Usually, stock stereo systems preinstalled on motorcycles have 10 to 15 watts of power for each speaker. And as you can see, that is not enough if your speaker system needs to keep up with the sound of your loud bike at particular speed levels. In this situation, you will need a compact amplifier compatible with the stock charging system already included in the motorcycle from the manufacturer to provide enough and even more power you need for your speakers. More power, much clearer and louder sound even at higher speeds. In choosing, again, it should be compact but powerful enough for your speakers.

Speaker Location


Now assuming you have upgraded your speaker and added a more powerful amplifier next to look at is where the speakers will be positioned. Speakers can be installed in different motorcycle areas depending on your preferences and the bike’s dimension; of course, the configuration will follow. You can consult with audio professionals on where to install the speakers. However, many bikers like us particularly like to attach them to the handlebars. After all, it is easier to pump in this location because it goes directly to our ears. We mean by direct to our ears that the sound tends to move toward our ears, especially when the bike moves forward.

Bluetooth Connectivity


Motorcycle speakers available on the market today have Bluetooth capability by default. However, there are passive speakers or speaker-only units that don’t have this kind of connectivity. So in case you are upgrading to better and power-efficient passive speakers, consider buying Bluetooth adapters or receivers that can be attached to the amplifier or stereo so that you can stream audio from platforms such as Spotify or Pandora. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily and quickly connect your phone to your speaker system and use this audio source for your music, podcasts, and more.


We have to admit not all prefer or like to stream music using smart devices. Others still prefer the traditional way, or at least for the times when you feel like you want to try something different. Or maybe not different but wanted to listen to music the old ways like FM/AM radio.

If your motorcycle speaker system has a stereo and has built-in radio capability, then that’s good. If not, then consider upgrading that stereo with preinstalled radio receivers. However, this is optional. Before considering this, you can decide first whether you want to use this feature regularly or occasionally.


There is a device for the motorcycle to make the audio output better, and it is called a processor or DSP. It is a device that will allow you to do many things with your stereo system. Now, if we look at it or understand it, at the core, it provides extensive tweaking such as making the system sound better, louder, and more reliable. If you have a Harley 2014 or later, its factory stereo has an awful equalization circuit to make the sound better with cheaper speakers. However, the DSP removes the EQ circuit from the music; this process is called stereo system tuning.

However, this is a bit technical and not simple. So we suggest that you consult your nearest technician. Your professional technician can customize the tuning depending on your bike model, music preferences, and riding style. After its process, the stereo system’s sound will be 50% better compared to the unit without a processor.


In all the ways we have provided, remember, it will not be effective if the installation is not proper. So before upgrading or adding speakers, make sure the system is installed correctly. However, all these ways are just suggestions or tips on making that speaker system sound better for up to more than 80% than the initial.

But with all or most speakers today designed for motorcycles don’t require much modification or alteration. There are motorcycle speaker systems that are loud enough to stand out even with that revving engine sound. Some units provide crisps and high-quality audio (may vary when the volume is on max level).

If you want to know or have trouble picking the right motorcycle speaker system for your loud bike, you can read our top loud motorcycle speaker systems here. Or if you want to see all-out top picks get them here.

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Making Motorcycle Speaker Systems Sound Better

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