How are speakers wired with an amplifier?

Nowadays, it is customary to install speakers on bikes. Aside from Bluetooth speakers, some bikers are also installing stereo and amplifiers along with the speakers. As a biker, nothing can stop you from installing a more advanced sound system on your motorcycle. Now you might ask, with all those devices, how exactly are the speakers wired to the amplifier? 

To connect the speakers to the amplifier, we can do the following steps: first, choose a motorcycle amplifier. It would be best if you choose a good quality amplifier for better performance. Disconnect the negative cable of the battery. Next, mount the amplifier. Then, connect the amplifier to other components such as the stereo, battery, and ground. Test the amplifier. And finally, organize or clean up the installation.

This post will look at connecting speakers to amplifiers and not just how to wire the speakers. This way, we will know exactly the method of wiring the speakers. It’s not just about the wirings but also about the connections between separate components. 

Some might ask, why attach an amplifier if the speakers are loud enough? “Loud enough” is not always true, especially for loud bikes. Bikes like that are loud and even louder than any external sounds passing by. As the name implies, when you install an amplifier, it amplifies the speaker sound more refined or solid than the volume level you can set to the speaker without it.

Before we proceed with the steps, let me first address how to tell if the speakers are wired. Well, in that case, we are talking about polarity. Speaker polarity is the connection or the wires between the amplifier and the speaker. To determine if the speaker is in the correct polarity, we need to check if the positive amplifier terminal connects to the speaker’s positive terminal. At the same time, the negative terminal of both amplifier and speaker connects. So positive to positive and negative to negative terminals.

Choose an Amplifier for Your Motorcycle

Since you will install an amplifier on your bike, make sure you choose the amplifier for motorcycles. It is vital because these amplifiers design for low load levels, so you don’t strain your bike’s battery. Such amplifiers are also smaller and will fit in crowded spaces due to their compact chassis. Its materials can withstand vibrations and other external elements.

When choosing motorcycle amplifiers, consider the power rating. This rating should be the same as your bike’s requirement for better performance. But before you decide, you need to know where you will attach the amplifier. Here’s also a guide for how to choose motorcycle speakers.

Disconnect the Negative Cable to the Battery

So you got that excellent quality amplifier that is compatible with your bike, now it’s time to disconnect the negative cable to the battery. To keep the electronics of your motorcycle and yourself safe, you should always make sure to disconnect the negative battery cable before you start. Remove the seat, so you can access the battery and unbolt the negative cable from the terminal post. It will help to avoid shocks, shorts, and other repulsive effects. 

Mount the Amplifier

Next, look for your preferred location to mount the amplifier. Based on where you want to install the device, you need to have access to that area. To install the amplifier next or above the stereo, remove the windshield (if available) or outer fairing to have access to that part. If you want to install the amplifier under the seat, remove the seat and start there. You can also use zip ties, mount plate brackets, or any similar tool/hardware. Before you start securing the wires, make sure you have access to all the wiring you need. You don’t want to leave out unsecured wires. see our Best Handle Bar Speakers picks.

Connect and Wire the Amplifier to the Battery, Ground, and Stereo

Assuming that you have already mounted the amplifier in the correct or preferred location, you are ready to wire the amplifier to the required components. As with any amplifier available, the power wire will work at the battery’s positive terminal. The remote power and the RCA cables will run to the stereo receiver and the ground wire to the grounding point. 

Each particular amplifier has instructions for the wiring diagram to follow. Make sure you check the manual first.

Test the Amplifier

You might ask, why isn’t this the last step? That is because it is always a good practice to test everything is working first before finishing up. Connect the battery and test the stereo, amplifier controls, and speakers. Make sure all components are working as expected of them. Otherwise, it will be easier for you to troubleshoot and make adjustments or changes more efficiently and save time. (make your motorcycle speaker sound better)

Organize or Clean up the Installation

Alright, you’ve checked the wirings, connections, and test that all the components are working; now it’s time to reassemble and clean up the installation. Organize the outer fairing, seat, and other parts you removed. If there are wires that are exceeding or coming out, don’t crimp or pull them. Do your best to conceal them. Test handlebar steering by turning the front wheel to the far right or left to ensure no wires are causing an issue or problem. (See motorcycle speakers that are detachable)


Through the steps we provided on how to set up or connect the amplifier to other audio-related components, you have learned that steps need to be considered, not just the speaker’s wires to the battery alone but also the wirings from speakers to stereo (see out best picks for motorcycle stereo speakers), amplifiers, and ground. Following these steps will only take roughly a few hours. Once you finish up and make sure all components are working, you will have more powerful speakers refining audio experience while on long trips.

Sometimes you need a crooked road to get your head straight, and this is true for bikers. With all those twisting roads, some elements will boost your mood and clear your mind. What are these elements? Well, your bike’s sound and the music you loved the most. Loud bikes with cool music on the side, what else can you ask for.

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How are speakers wired with an amplifier

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