What Types Of Motorcycle Helmets Have Bluetooth?

It’s really no surprise that motorcycle riders are constantly on the go. With all of the traveling they do, it’s important to make sure they’re prepared for any mishaps that may occur while out on the road. For this reason, many helmets now come with Bluetooth capabilities so you can stay connected while still protecting your head. 

It’s important to wear the right helmet when riding because it protects your head and face in case of an accident. But what if we could add so much more than just protection? What if we could take calls and listen to music without having to deal with wires or ear buds? And what kind of helmet should you get if you want Bluetooth?

In this article, we’ll explore some features so that you can find out which motorcycle helmets have Bluetooth and things to consider before purchasing it.


Types of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmets with Built-in Bluetooth

In these helmets, the Bluetooth technology is pre-installed. There’s no need for setup or installation. The various elements of the Bluetooth system are neatly arranged and cannot be seen from the outside. These user-friendly, yet costly, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets come pre-installed with a Bluetooth system.

Helmet-Capable Bluetooth Communication System

These helmets need the installation of a Bluetooth system, so you’ll either have to attach it to your motorbike’s helmet or drill a hole. The good news is that you won’t have to spend extra money on another helmet in order to gain access to these benefits.


Features of Bluetooth Helmet that Require Installation

Chin bar type

Very useful for off road biking or racing because it can be used even while wearing goggles, glasses or earplugs. You will need to install a bluetooth kit/system and you will also have wires running on the outside of your helmet, so this kind of bluetooth motorcycle helmet is not as clean-looking as other kinds.

With Built-in inflatable cheek pads 

This kind of bluetooth system is very useful because you can adjust the size and fit of your bluetooth helmet and you will not need to share a bluetooth system with anyone else. The downside, however, is that there are more wires on the outside of your helmet that may not look as clean or professional.

With Built-in speakers inside the ear muffs 

This kind of bluetooth system does not have wires on the outside of your helmet, but there are more parts to this kind of bluetooth motorcycle helmet because it has speakers inside the ear muffs.


Things to consider if you want Bluetooth Helmets

With its many features, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have become a hot item on the market ever since their introduction. However, to get yourself a set of motorcycle helmets with all these fancy add-ons can be rather expensive. Hence, this would require you to do some shopping around before picking out the Bluetooth motorcycle helmets for your needs. There are a lot of different things to consider when choosing a motorcycle helmet that has bluetooth. These are the following:

The noise cancellation capabilities of your helmet. This is the first thing you need to be wary about when looking at bluetooth motorcycle helmets. If you find yourself in loud environments often, you will want to get a set of motorcycle helmets with noise cancellation or noise suppression features. This would help to enhance the quality of your phone conversations, which is important when making plans on where to meet the gang for lunch.

Wind noise cancellation or insulation. This is one more feature you need to be wary about. The thing you don’t want when on the road is wind noise that will interrupt your conversation with another person while riding. Good wind noise insulation would also help to keep out dust and rain.

The battery life. This is another feature that you need to consider. If getting yourself a fancy set of motorcycle helmets with all these add-ons costs quite a fortune, you need to make sure that your investment is worth it. A good set of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets with a long lasting battery life will last for up to six hours before it needs to be recharged or replaced with an expendable battery. This would come in handy for those who take their motorcycle out for long road trips.

Hands free calling feature. A must have feature for a good set of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets, which will allow you to pick up phone calls at any time while riding. This way, you won’t miss out on anything important even if your hands aren’t free. If you happen to be the type of person who keeps receiving calls from your boss every now and then, this would be a good feature to have. Everyone’s lives are busy these days, and it is important to make sure that your phone can keep up with you.


How do I know if the helmet I’m buying has Bluetooth connectivity?

Make sure you do your research before buying a motorcycle helmet. Many helmets now come with bluetooth connectivity built in or as an attachment that can easily be added to the helmet and it won’t increase the price very much. When purchasing a new Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, it is important to know if the speakers and microphone will work properly and how well the bluetooth device will stay in place. If you want to save money and still get a great helmet, think about buying one that was made before bluetooth technology became popular. Some helmets were built with the bluetooth attachment already in place while others may be able to be upgraded using an add-on kit, which is generally very cheap and affordable.

Remember that bluetooth helmets are extremely useful and they can benefit you greatly if you know how to wear them correctly. If you’re interested in trying out a Bluetooth helmet for yourself, make sure it fits your motorcycle properly before riding with it on. Doing so will ensure that the bluetooth device is installed securely and will maximize protection during your ride.

Generally, helmets with an electronic starter will need the device attached directly to the battery whereas motorcycles without an electronic starter just need a charger and won’t require any wiring under the seat. It’s important for you to make sure your helmet has all of the appropriate wiring before making any connections.


Safety concerns of Bluetooth Helmets to motorcycle riders before buying

Bluetooth helmets are markedly different from traditional bike helmets when it comes to safety. Magnetic Helmets LLC, a company that manufactures Bluetooth helmets in which you can plug an earpiece into the helmet and listen to music or receive calls while you ride say “The Bluetooth helmet is not safer than the magnetic helmet,” in regards to external factors such as cars. “All helmets must pass the same safety standards as required by law for motorcycle helmets, including DOT and ECE certifications.”


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